• Multi-Family Solutions


    The expectations of residents in multi-family communities across the United States have changed dramatically over the last several years. In addition to expecting amenities like a professional-grade community kitchen, spa-quality workout facilities, and boutique hotel-level concierge services, residents also expect the Wi-Fi to be "world-class" whether they are in their apartment or working poolside. Further, residents who have embraced the "work from home" movement now need the reliability, bandwidth, and secure access to be able to work remotely for their employer or run their own small business.


    The typical public Wi-Fi solution simply doesn't solve this challenge adequately or securely. And with a large population of users demanding more from the network than ever before, the solution you may already have in place probably doesn't keep up. And in the competitive multi-family marketplace, if your network is an issue, you're going to have an issue attracting tenants and renewing leases.


    After interviewing countless property managers, we've heard over and over how difficult and frustrating it is dealing with their tenants' internet issues – especially when it's completely out of their control. With OpticWise, all of the calls and support come to our team, not yours. Your staff will thank us!


    OpticWise offers a fully managed solution for multi-family property managers and owners. And we turn what is typically a hassle into a competitive advantage, a retention tool, and a profit center.


    Regardless of whether your property is new or existing, the OpticWise team can solve the needs of your apartment community and ensure you are prepared for the increasing demands of your residents, today and in the future.