• Modern Office Solutions


    From our years of experience focused on designing and implementing property technology solutions for multi-tenant properties, we know how today's office users like to roam throughout the workday. And whether they are at their desk, in the cafe, or on the rooftop deck, they need secure access to their network-connected services and devices to remain productive. No matter where they are on the property or campus, office users need reliable and secure access to their servers, network services, and printers, and the typical public Wi-Fi solution simply doesn't solve this challenge adequately or securely.


    Tenants and many property managers likely don't appreciate the complexity of providing the secure private-network solution required to accomplish this seamless open-workspace user experience. And without the right infrastructure, not only are your tenants at risk, as the network provider – you are also at risk.


    Indoor and campus-wide connectivity is becoming a new essential utility for most properties, and it's often overlooked and not adequately planned in most real estate developments. The best part of outsourcing your in-building network to OpticWise is we turn the expense of what is now known as the "fourth utility" into a profit center.


    Regardless of whether your property is new or existing, the OpticWise team can solve the needs of the modern office and ensure you are prepared for the demanding connectivity requirements of the future.


  • Some words from our office clients and their tenants.