• Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost?

    This is a net positive to our client’s P&L. Services cost a fraction of the revenues they drive, providing significant NOI and yield for the CRE operator (i.e., our client).

    How long does it take to implement the OpticWise SIC® platform and 5S® user experience?

    Retrofit applications can be implemented in less than one quarter, while new construction applications always stay synchronized with GC schedules.

    Who does the tenant call if there's an issue?

    OpticWise supports any/all in-building connectivity issues. We support tenants directly via phone, email, or text. Management does not have to support the systems or users.

    What is your redundancy strategy?

    The SIC® platform is extremely stable. In the design phase, each point of failure is addressed commensurate with the owner’s strategy and/or constraints. Internet circuits are redundant, and power failures are not an issue. Result: 5S® tenants remain connected.

    How many users can use the system at the same time?

    The SIC® platform will accommodate as many users and devices as your property can host, plus guests and operations systems & personnel, plus future growth capacity regarding devices and data throughput.

    Do I have to use a specific bandwidth or internet provider?

    No. The SIC® platform operates on any Internet circuits, including ones you already have onsite and ones that your tenants have or may bring.

    What about phone, security, and other network services?

    OpticWise provides network services standard for clients, included in the master agreement. We provide voice services as desired by clients or tenants, and our SaaS platform enables users to onboard and manage any IoT devices.